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Pendleton Hall 112

BA, Bryn Athyn College
MA, Temple University
PhD, Temple University

Dr. Bedford enjoys drawing his students into the tension between what we observe and how we understand those observations. The study of chemistry demands attention to observed fact, while also constructing meaning from those facts so that we can understand phenomena well enough to predict outcomes in unfamiliar settings. Theory and observation create tension because the two constantly challenge each other. Dr. Bedford’s research interests include exploring the tension between science and religion. He is also involved with the development, implementation, and assessment of the Core Program at Bryn Athyn College.

Pendleton Hall 29

BA in Education, Bryn Athyn College
MA in Theater, Villanova University

Suzanne is an assistant professor in the humanities department where she teaches communication and theater arts. Over the course of her career she has taught and directed theatrical productions in the U.S. and abroad and in numerous educational settings. Her personal learning adventures have taken her to Europe, Africa, South America, and Indonesia. Her primary passion is discovering the intersection between creativity, personal growth, spirituality, and the blossoming of the human voice.

Cathedral Undercroft
(267) 502-4605

BA, Oberlin College
MA, University of York

Graham directs the Bryn Athyn College Choir and teaches music history and theory. He has worked as a professional singer in Europe, including performances with Stile Antico, I Fagiolini, and the Yorkshire Baroque Soloists, and regular work with the York Minster Choir. He has conducted ensembles on a diverse range of projects, including two tours of China, a choral exchange in Serbia, and broadcasts for the BBC. Graham's research interests include vocal technique, ensemble singing technique, renaissance sacred music, and the history of psalmody. He works as the Director of Music for the Bryn Athyn Church and as a freelance singer and conductor around the East Coast.

Doering Center 317

BS, Virginia Tech
MS, Virginia Tech
PhD, Purdue University

Dr. Blair works with students and colleagues who are motivated to transform useful design inspirations into science-driven prototypes. He moved to the area in Fall, 2012, following an innovative career at the Air Force Research Laboratory near Dayton, OH. Dr. Blair is excited by the talented students and faculty, as well as by the new Physics Lab at Bryn Athyn College.

Doering Center 112


BA, Bryn Athyn College
MS, Drexel University

Caira Bongers teaches classes in quantitative reasoning, algebra, and calculus. She includes applications to the students’ individual majors, and she also emphasizes applications to personal finance. Caira has a particular interest in the historical origins of mathematics.

Pendleton Hall 10

BA, Ashford University
MA, Arcadia University

After running her own dance studio for many years, Ms. Bostock came to Bryn Athyn College as a dance instructor and choreographer. She teaches many forms of dance; from tap to modern, from ballet to hip-hop. Ms. Bostock serves as director and/or choreographer for theatrical productions and directs the Dance Ensemble.

Doering Center 207

BA, Bryn Athyn College
BSc, University of Greenwich
PhD, University College London

Dr. Bryntesson, Associate Professor of Biology, is the Head of the Biology Major and the Chair of the Science Department. He focuses on molecular medicine and has a research background primarily in the DNA repair field. He has also been involved in research projects at Fox Chase Cancer Center and Thomas Jefferson University investigating the molecular biology of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Dr. Bryntesson is currently involved with the ongoing deer research at Bryn Athyn College.

In addition, he is interested in ornithology and is involved in a research project focusing on the natural history of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker. He has also researched the institution's ice hockey history and is the leader of the music project “Bryn Athyn College Rocks!” He serves the community as a voluntary member of the Holy Redeemer Health System's Institutional Review Board.

Asplundh Field House

BEd, University of Brighton
MA, Bryn Athyn College

Mrs. Bryntesson formerly served as Athletic Director and Head of the Physical Education Department at Bryn Athyn College. She taught and coached in high schools in England for many years before moving to the United States. She has a passion for running and a whole new interpretation of the phrase, “Run for Your Life.” The highlight of her work is seeing the spirits of the students soar through physical exercise, dance, and sports.

Doering Center 204

BA, Bryn Athyn College
PhD, Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Closterman teaches ancient history, biblical Greek, and material culture studies. Her research focuses on the funerary practices, religion, and social history of ancient Greece. In her teaching, she explores what archaeology as well as textual evidence reveals about the ancient world. Dr. Closterman has led groups of Bryn Athyn students and faculty on summer tours of Greece and Italy.

Pendleton Hall 2

BS, Bryn Athyn College
MDiv, Bryn Athyn College

After more than 20 years as a pastor, Rev. Cole came to college teaching in 1999. His research interests lie in cognitive science and the philosophy of symbolic forms.

Doering Center 307

BA, College of New Jersey
MA, Arcadia University

Robin Cooper has been teaching Writing and English at Bryn Athyn College since 2007, and currently co-heads the English Major and serves as the Chair of both the Language and Literature Department and the Core Committee. In addition, he has helped coach the Bryn Athyn men's soccer team since 2006.

Pendleton Hall 129

BA, Bryn Athyn College
MDiv, Bryn Athyn College
BTh (Hons), University of South Africa
MTh, University of South Africa
DTh, University of South Africa

Rev. Dr. Dibb came to Bryn Athyn College in 2002 after serving as a pastor in Johannesburg, South Africa. He teaches religion and Christian church history, with a special interest in seeing the doctrines of the New Church in the context of those of the Christian church. In addition to teaching in the College, Rev. Dibb also serves as Dean of the Bryn Athyn College Theological School and teaches a number of graduate courses.

Doering Center 218

BA, Bryn Athyn College
PhD, Thomas Jefferson University

Dr. Evans studied biological and chemical sciences at Bryn Athyn College, graduating with a BA in 1999. She continued her studies in biochemistry and molecular biology at Thomas Jefferson University, and received her PhD in 2006. She now teaches, manages the labs, and performs molecular biology research at the college.

Pendleton Hall 28

BA, Bryn Athyn College
MDiv, Bryn Athyn College
MA, Villanova University

Rev. Frazier specializes in theology as well as the sacred languages of the Word (Old Testament, New Testament, and the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg). In addition to teaching Hebrew, Latin, and Religion, Rev. Frazier works for the General Church of the New Jerusalem as a translator of Swedenborg’s theological works. He is especially interested in the intersection of theology, ancient history, and popular culture.

Doering Center 308

BA, Bryn Athyn College
Teaching in Higher Education Certificate, Temple University
PhD Candidate in English, Temple University

Sarah Gardam graduated from Bryn Athyn College in 2002 with a B.A. in English. She began graduate school at Drew University, and then transferred to Temple University, where she is now finishing her PhD in English. She specializes in 20th Century American fiction, Asian American fiction, literary theory, women’s studies, and tragedy. Sarah has published articles on the novels of Willa Cather, Maxine Hong Kingston, and Anne Enright. As a teacher, she is primarily interested in helping her students to access their innate curiosity and creativity of thought.

Pendleton Hall 102

BA, Washington College
MA, University of Pittsburgh
PhD, Temple University
MDiv, Bryn Athyn College

Rev. Dr. Glenn specializes in rhetoric and composition, late medieval and early modern literature, theology, and Biblical studies. He is particularly interested in the intangible reaches of language—the spirit within words that affects us as readers, as writers, and as students of Scripture.

Doering Center 114

BFA, Carnegie-Mellon University (Painting/Printmaking)
MA, Temple University (19th century Art History)
PhD, Temple University (17th century Dutch Art)

Dr. Gyllenhaal, head of the Fine Arts Area, is an art historian and painter who integrates humanities and the fine arts in her teaching. She enjoys using the art collections in Glencairn Museum to enhance her classes. One of her courses, Topics in Twentieth-Century Architecture: Bryn Athyn’s National Historic Landmarks, meets on site and examines the process it took to build Bryn Athyn Cathedral, Glencairn Museum, and the Cairnwood and Cairncrest estates. She has lived and traveled extensively in Europe and encourages her students to plan their own grand tours. Her passion is 17th century Dutch art. Her research focuses on the studio practices and working methods of Rembrandt and the artists in his circle.

Mitchell Performing Arts Center

BFA, MST, Rochester Institute of Technology

Naomi Haus-Roth is currently in her ninth year as the Director of the Mitchell Performing Arts Center where she has designed sets for The King and I, As You Like It, The Miracle Worker, Wit, A Christmas Carol, and Anne of Green Gables. She teaches Scene Design and Production at Bryn Athyn College. Her theater credits include over a hundred productions; many as Prop Master/Artisan at the McCarter (Princeton, NJ), Goodman, and Northlight Theater companies (Chicago) in addition to two seasons as Production Manager of the Sterling Renaissance Festival (New York). Her artistic credits also include stints with the Steppenwolf, Royal George, Shakespeare Repertory, Chicago Children’s Theatre, Dorothy Hamill’s Ice Capades, and the Opera Festival of New Jersey. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design and a Master of Science in Teaching in Art Education from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Doering Center 210

BS, St. Louis University
MS, St. Joseph’s University
MD, St. Louis University

Dr. Higgins teaches courses in general and organic chemistry as well as anatomy & physiology and microbiology. He practiced general pediatrics for twelve years before joining the faculty at Bryn Athyn College in 2012. Dr. Higgins is the advisor for BAC’s pre-medical program and has an interest in preparing students for graduate school, particularly in the health sciences.

Doering Center 309

BA, McGill University
MBE, University of Pennsylvania
MSW, University of Pennsylvania
DSW, University of Pennsylvania

Over the course of her career, "Dr. E" has served as a hospital administrator, researcher, private therapist, and clinical social worker. Her specialties include death, dying, and bereavement, serious mental illness, post-traumatic stress disorder, and crisis intervention. She has published commercially and academically and is a nationally-recognized speaker. Dr. E's current area of research centers around spiritually-transformative experiences, and she recently partnered with best-selling author Dr. Raymond Moody, founder of the near-death experience, and the linguist Lisa Smartt to pilot a groundbreaking research study exploring the final words of the dying.

Glencairn Museum Archives

BA, Bryn Athyn College
MA, University of Leicester

Mr. Jackson has served as a museum educator, archivist, curator, and historic site supervisor. His background includes collections preservation, historic site and archives management, and early American social/material history. He holds certification by the Academy of Certified Archivists and is an active member in various historical societies and professional organizations.

Asplundh Field House

Abraham Joseph serves as the Residence Manager of Childs and Brock Halls and the Sports Information Director for the Bryn Athyn College Athletics Department. He joined the Bryn Athyn College team in 2010 upon graduation from Neumann University with a degree in Business Administration. He is looking forward to providing the residents of Childs and Brock Halls with an experience that encourages their academic and personal success.
Doering Center 215

BS, University of Illinois
MBA, California State University Fullerton

With an MBA from California State University, Mr. Jungé brings over thirty years of business-world credentials with him into the classroom.  As recent Vice President of Information Technology for Parker Hannifin Corporation, a $13 billion Fortune 500 Company, his experience is both broad and current. From programming, to supply chains, to accounting, he has a vast wealth of knowledge to draw from in teaching and mentoring business students. Mr. Jungé also holds certifications in Purchasing Management, Integrated Resource Management, and Production and Inventory Management.



Doering Center 213

BA, Bryn Athyn College
MBA, Temple University

A self-employed stock trader and economics enthusiast, Ethan King holds a BA in History from Bryn Athyn College and a MBA in Finance from Temple. He is currently researching the Austrian School of Economics, noting especially its complementary methodology to the Swedenborgian deductive approach of deriving truths from first principles. His other research interests include entrepreneurial theory, monetary history, and ethical business practices.


BA, College of William and Mary
MA, Boston University
PhD, Boston University

Dr. King teaches literature and writing. She has published in the areas of Henry James, modern novel, women's studies, Swedenborgian correspondences, and garden history. She believes that great literature, brought to life by powerful readings, hones and enriches our humanity. She enjoys administration and making the case for the liberal arts as powerful preparation for career success and life-long growth. Prior to coming to Bryn Athyn, Dr. King enjoyed doing post graduate research at Christ's College, Cambridge, and teaching at Bradford College and Boston University.

Doering Center 112

BA, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
MA, Tufts University
PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Latta teaches in the areas of philosophy and writing. Her area of specialization lies in Kant’s ethics. Her research and teaching interests focus on applied ethics, moral perception, and the contribution that literature can make to moral philosophy. Prior to her arrival at Bryn Athyn College, Dr. Latta taught at the University of Pennsylvania.

Doering Center 208

BA, University of North Carolina–Charlotte
MA, University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill

Sean Lawing teaches medieval history, Old Icelandic literature, and a course on World War II-era Germany. His research focuses on medieval Scandinavia (Vikings!), particularly Old Norse laws and sagas.

Doering Center 114

BA, Rhode Island School of Design

J. Kenneth Leap is primarily recognized for his achievements in the field of architectural stained glass. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, his career was launched when he received a fellowship from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts and shortly thereafter created a stained glass skylight illustrating the history of New Jersey for the Annex of the State House in Trenton. Working in a tradition that dates to the cathedrals of medieval Europe, Leap creates his panels by hand-painting colored pieces of glass with vitreous pigments. These pigments are fused to the glass by firing in a kiln before being assembled into stained glass panels using strips of lead.

Brickman 103

BSW, West Chester University
MA, Temple University

Laura Nash oversees the Bryn Athyn College Experiential Education and Physical Education area, which includes internships, service learning, work study, career planning, and alumni relations. In addition to teaching courses, her duties include organizing service-learning trips, integrating service into the curriculum, heading up the internship program, and serving as the Alumni Liaison.

Swedenborg Library 205

BA, University of Michigan
MA, University of Michigan

Carroll Odhner serves as Director of the Swedenborg Library at Bryn Athyn College. She is responsible for all library operations—budgeting, staffing, and services. She represents the library on campus and with other academic institutions, professional organizations, and the scholarly world, and is also responsible for reference services and maintaining library systems.


BS, State University of New York–Plattsburgh
MDiv, Bryn Athyn College

Rev. Odhner, who serves on the faculty of the Theological School and teaches religion courses, brings to his teaching many years of experience as a pastor. One of his pastorates placed him as headmaster of a church elementary school, giving him the opportunity to teach religion and do curricular work related to it. His first love is the beautiful theology of the New Church, which names and describes a God whose love and goals are simple and compelling, and whose wisdom in approaching these goals is unassailably reasonable to those willing to consider it with the eyes of faith. He feels privileged to teach a course on this God. Rev. Odhner also loves nature and natural history.

Pendleton Hall 9

BA, Pennsylvania State University
MS, Bridgeport University

Nina Phillips joined the faculty of Bryn Athyn after a 15-year career as a public school teacher in Connecticut. She uses stories from this experience to illustrate the finer points of classroom instruction. Her background in theater also gives her a place backstage at the Mitchell Performing Arts Center in the annual college production.

Doering Center 205

MSc, University of Leningrad
DPhil, University of Oxford

Dr. Potapov teaches environmental sciences, ecology, and ornithology. He is involved with birds of prey conservation programs worldwide and carries out research in the satellite tracking of birds in various regions around the globe. Dr. Potapov is also involved in research and education at the Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust.


BS, Arizona State University
MNS, Arizona State University

Mr. Reinprecht is an avid bow hunter and has been the instructor for the Bryn Athyn College archery course since 2004. His course emphasizes students developing correct form and consistency in archery, while also enjoying this life sport.

Pendleton Hall 109

BSW, West Chester University
MSW, Temple University

Pendleton Hall 8

BS, Pennsylvania State University
MEd, Antioch University New England

Angela Rose was a classroom teacher for 17 years. She has taught kindergarten through eighth grade in a variety of settings, including the Kempton New Church School, the Sheltering Arms Daycare and Kindergarten, the Quaker School at Horsham for Children Who Learn Differently, and the Camellia Waldorf School.

Doering Center 209

BA, Bryn Athyn College
MA, U.S. Naval Postgraduate School
PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Rose teaches history, political science, and a religion course on Islam. Formerly a Middle East specialist for the U.S. Air Force and a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Dr. Rose’s research interests are Islamism and democratization.

Doering Center 304

BS, Bryn Athyn College
MDiv, Bryn Athyn College

Grant Schnarr has had a career in pastoral work in Glenview and Chicago, IL, and Bryn Athyn, PA, and was the Director of Evangelism for the International New Church for 13 years. He is the author of the novel The Guardian Angel Diary and also several books about growth and spirituality, including The Art of Spiritual Warfare: A Guide to Lasting Inner Peace, which has been published in a variety of languages by independent publishers on four continents. His book You Can Believe! is a best-selling introduction to Swedenborgian thought.


Swedenborg Library 202

BA, Geneva College,
MS Ed, University of Pennsylvania,
MLS, Clarion University

Andi joined the Swedenborg Library faculty in 2015. She is responsible for promoting and teaching Information Literacy classes in collaboration with librarians and subject faculty. She is also responsible for supporting reference and research services. She oversees the circulation of library materials, as well as works with the Technical Services Librarian on collection development. Andi has been a librarian in academic and elementary school libraries for many years, as well as an instructor in college level ESL courses at home and abroad, and has taught as an elementary school classroom teacher.

Doering Center 113

BA, St. Lawrence University
MDiv, Bryn Athyn College
MAT, Wesleyan University
PhD, University of Michigan

Dr. Silverman is the editor/reviser of Helen Keller’s Light in My Darkness (1994, 2000) and How I Would Help the World (2011). He is the author of The Core of Johnny Appleseed (2012) and has co-authored, with his wife, Star, Rise Above It: Spiritual Development Through the Ten Commandments (2000, 2005). In addition, he has published over 20 articles, including a study of James Joyce’s Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man and The Anti-Sectarianism of Henry James. He is currently working on a study of the Four Gospels (A Seamless Garment) and a new edition of Rise Above It for college students.

Doering Center 106

BA, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
MS, Carnegie Mellon University
PhD, Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Simonetti teaches mathematics and computer science. His research focuses on a dynamic programming algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem, a classic problem in the field of combinatorial optimization, with applications ranging from scheduling to vehicle routing. When not knee-deep in numbers and code, he enjoys playing music (piano, organ, guitar, and recorder) for worship services and driving busloads of college students across the country to support the service learning program.

Doering 111

BA, Bryn Athyn College
MA, Bowling Green State University
PhD, Temple University

What began as a personal quest for the truth in college led Dr. Dan into philosophy. He edited the book Faith and Learning at Bryn Athyn College (2004) while contributing a chapter to it titled “Philosophy: Friend or Foe of Faith?” His article on happiness was published by the Swedenborg Scientific Association in its journal The New Philosophy. His research areas include the perennial philosophy, ethics, political thought, and naturalism. He was general editor for The World Transformed: Swedenborg and the Last Judgment (2011) and authored “Naturalism and the Last Judgment,” an article in the book. He currently serves as Faculty Council Chair.

Doering Center 215


BS, LaSalle University
MBA, Liberty University

Swedenborg Library

BFA, Pennsylvania State University
MLIS, University of Pittsburgh

Carol Traveny manages the physical and electronic collections and catalogs for several Academy libraries and the branch library of the Stockholm General Church society, and is an instructor in information literacy.
She is passionate about learning, and especially enjoys helping others discover the tools and resources that enable them to pursue their own passions. Outside of the library, Carol is developing her work as a photographer and painter.

Doering Center 215

BA, Temple University
MBA, LaSalle University


Doering Center 310

BA, West Connecticut State University
MS, Iowa State University
PhD, Iowa State University

Dr. Soni Werner is a part-time Associate Professor of Psychology. She is teaching courses in Lifespan Development, Altruism, Forensic Psychology, History and Worldviews, Educational Psychology, and the Senior Seminar. She has recently authored several books, including The Growth of the Female Mind, The Search for Mary Magdalene, and Altruism: Many Kinds of Kindness. Her previous work experiences include being a Human Resource Professional at Corning Inc., Co-Directing the Corning Children's Center, teaching in a maximum security prison in Elmira, NY, and serving as an organizational psychologist/mediator for small businesses. She has taught at Bryn Athyn College since 1996, and at four other colleges before that.

Pendleton Hall 117, Theological School

BA, University of Pennsylvania
MA, University of Pennsylvania
PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Williams-Hogan is enthusiastic about thinking, reflecting, analyzing, writing, teaching, and presenting. Trained as a sociologist, she loves to use sociology in a historical context. She is committed to sharing Swedenborgian perspectives by presenting papers and talks in a variety of academic venues, and through her many articles on Swedenborg and Swedenborgianism. Dr. Williams-Hogan enjoys teaching innovative project courses and creating a new appreciation of Swedenborg and the 18th century for her students, as well as the broader community, especially those interested in spirituality. She is currently writing a biography of Swedenborg, to be called Emanuel Swedenborg: Modern Revelator of Soul and Psyche.

Pendleton Hall 8

BA, Smith College
MA, Columbia University Teachers College

As an undergraduate, Sarah felt drawn to the fields of both clinical psychology and early childhood education. It is during her graduate school years at Teachers College, Columbia University that she found the perfect way to combine these interests: Early Childhood Special Education. Over the past twelve years, she has taught in various settings and held leadership roles as a mentor and supervisor. Sarah has witnessed the power of early intervention in helping young children with special needs reach their full potential. She is thrilled to continue her work by sharing, in the college classroom, her love for both fields and the work experiences that have enriched her life.

Pendleton Hall 31


MA, University of Pennsylvania
MA, University of Texas at Austin


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