Associate in Arts Degree


Bryn Athyn College’s Associate in Arts degree is a two-year, liberal arts degree offering 11 tracks or emphases. The Associate in Arts degree is not a prerequisite to a Bachelor’s degree, but it can serve as a foundation as a student works toward earning a Bachelor’s degree.

A student must attend Bryn Athyn College for at least three terms and have a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or greater to receive an Associate in Arts degree. An Associate in Arts degree requires a total of 62 credits. Of those, 32 credits must be from the following Core Requirements:

A.A. Degree Core Requirements
# Credits Field of Study
1 9 Religion*
2 3 Moral or Civil course (may overlap History/Social Science)
3 3 Worldviews
4 6 Writing 101 and 202**
5 3 Fine Arts, Music, Theater, Literature, or Dance***
6 4 Science (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics)
7 3 History or Social Science (may overlap Moral/Civil)
8 1 Physical Education or Dance***
 Total 32 credits

*Includes service and religion internships. Six religion credits must be in religious doctrine.

**Successful completion of IL components in both Writing 101 and Writing 202 fulfills the IL course requirement for the AA Degree.

***Dance credits fulfilling requirement #5 may not also fulfill #8 and vice versa.

Students must also take one course in Public Presentation, one in Information Literacy, and one in Quantitative Reasoning.