Career Development


The office of career services at Bryn Athyn College exists to help students and recent graduates identify, create and pursue meaningful careers that will draw upon their talents, interests, and skills, as well as hone their spiritual and moral lives. We assist our BAC students with portfolio preparation, internship placement services, career counseling, work-study advising, and service learning opportunities.

The college holds campus wide annual career focused workshops, career surveys, and offers a career mentoring service through the Alumni Association. In 2011, 100% of our graduating seniors received individual help with creating and updating a cover-letter and resume. Below is a sample of recent and future events:

GRE prep classes start September 16, 2014
Alumni Association Open House October 10, 2014
Life long Investing October 23, 2014
Choosing your major December 9, 2014
Link Up Through LinkedIn January 15, 2015
Career Mentor Open House January 29, 2015
Social Networking for Job Hunting February 11, 2015
BAC business club speaker March 18, 2015
Career Advice fair April 1, 2015
Career Lunch with Board members May 8, 2015
Senior Capstone Presentations May 13, 2015
Resume Writing Open Houses Ongoing

Find a Job Through LinkedIn

Required writing and communication courses further support resume building and public presentation through course assignments. Individual appointments with a career counselor are also available to the students. The BAC Alumni office is open 5 days a week for mentor assistance. The career services office is open weekdays and by appointment on weekends.