At Bryn Athyn, we believe so strongly in the value of internships that we encourage our students to secure intern positions as early as the spring of freshman year.

Not surprisingly, many of our students are able to fit in more than one internship experience during their four years. And those experiences add value to your college degree and depth and understanding to your skills and knowledge, which will pay off down the road when you’re competing for a job or admission to a graduate program.

An internship experience can help you focus your area of study more specifically, strengthen your passion about a career, or maybe change the course of your academic program and lead you down a new path, personally and professionally. Selecting an internship can begin as soon as you get on campus. Identify your interests, and then meet with Laura Nash, Director of Experiential Education. She will work with you to explore the possibilities and meet the qualifications, so you can intern as early as the spring of your first year at Bryn Athyn.

Typically, 150 hours earns 3 credits, although internships can be arranged for less time and fewer credits.

Recent On-Campus Internships

  • Social Media Assistant | Marketing Department
  • Educational Assistant & Museum Guide | Glencairn Museum
  • Athletic Assistant | Athletic Department
  • Director’s Assistant | Mitchell Performing Arts Center
  • Horticultural Assistant | Bryn Athyn College Garden
  • Hospitality Services Assistant | Cairnwood Estate
  • Newspaper Editor | The Bryn Athyn Beacon
  • Archival Research Assistant | Swedenborg Library Archives

Recent Off-Campus Internships

  • Medical Intern | Abington, PA
  • Magazine Writer’s Assistant | New York City
  • Market Researcher | Princeton, New Jersey
  • Nursing Home | Hatboro, PA
  • Artifact Researcher | Durban, South Africa
  • Engineer’s Assistant | Tucson, Arizona
  • Refugee Camp Director’s Assistant | Comer, Georgia
  • Teacher’s Assistant | Accra, Ghana