Study Abroad


Does exploring the globe as more than a tourist appeal to you? We know that experiences abroad during your college years can be life-changing. That’s why we offer you multiple options to fit your personal and academic goals.

Established Study Abroad Programs
France Université Michel Montaigne, Bordeaux III
Germany University of Osnabrück
Scotland University of Edinburgh

Bryn Athyn College maintains agreements with universities around the world that allow you to spend one or two semesters studying at another university as early as your sophomore year. Our study abroad programs include academic exchanges, recommended programs, and faculty-led trips, and include established programs in countries around the globe:

Academic Exchanges

Through a Bryn Athyn College academic exchange program, students may study abroad at one of our partner institutions—in France, Scotland, Germany—while paying Bryn Athyn tuition and fees. Room and board are paid directly to the host institution. In an academic exchange, your study abroad application is made directly to the Bryn Athyn College Office of International Studies. International study that advances students in their BAC degree programs may qualify for use of state and federal financial aid, but Bryn Athyn College institutional aid can be applied only to tuition costs.

All credits earned during an academic exchange apply toward your Bryn Athyn College degree.

In addition to our established programs, many other opportunities can be arranged through our Director of International Studies, who will work with you individually to arrange an international experience to fit your goals.

Recommended Programs

As a Bryn Athyn College student you can also select to take part in a recommended program. Bryn Athyn students may study at these institutions during the academic year or during the summer, and credits are then transferred back to Bryn Athyn.

Unlike academic exchanges, application for admission to a recommended study abroad program—including study in Scottland—is made directly to the host institution. But don’t worry, the Office of International Studies will support you through the application process. Recommended program costs may differ from Bryn Athyn College tuition, room & board costs, and students arrange payment separately. Your federal financial aid can be applied to these costs. Bryn Athyn College institutional aid cannot be used for recommended programs.

Faculty-Led Trips

Another way to see the world with Bryn Athyn College is to attend a faculty-led excursion. These trips vary in length, usually from about a week to about two weeks. Faculty-led trips are often tied to an academic course, allowing students to learn about a subject in the classroom and follow it with hands-on learning on location. Recent trips have included:

  • Biology trip to the Cayman Islands to study wildlife and sea life (included scuba diving in the coral reef).
  • History and art history trip to France to explore Medieval art.
  • Sociology trip to Iceland to study Icelandic culture.
  • History and art history trip to Italy to examine renaissance art.
  • Biology trip to New Zealand to study natural resources and wildlife.
  • History trip to Greece to explore the ancient culture.