Study Abroad In Germany


Our academic exchange program with the University of Osnabrück gives Bryn Athyn College students the opportunity to study abroad in Lower Saxony, Germany.

University of Osnabrück

The University of Osnabrück offers a wide range of degree programs and is best know for its concentrations in cognitive science, peace and conflict studies, and democratic governance.

  • Program Length: Semester, year-long, and summer courses available
  • Cost: Students pay Bryn Athyn College tuition and fees. Room & board costs are paid at host institution.

In addition to the strong academic offerings, students studying in Osnabrück will benefit from living in a cultural center of Germany which, despite being the third-largest city in Lower Saxony, retains its medieval charm. The rich history of Osnabrück, founded in 780 AD by Charlemagne, is visible throughout the city’s architecture and even in the University’s main administrative building—a 17th century baroque castle. The city is situated within a national park, giving students as much access to a natural environment as they have to an urban one.


Participating in any of Bryn Athyn College’s study abroad programs will provide a foundation for the understanding and appreciation of other cultures. Our German academic exchange will also give added depth to many areas of study including biology, history, art, religion, and philosophy. Students will have an opportunity to connect with peers from around the world—a lasting and invaluable experience.

Osnabrück International Summer School

Wollen Sie Deutsch Lernen?

In July, the Osnabrück International Summer School offers an intensive course in German that is designed to give a basic competence in the language and increase fluency in those who already have a foundation.