Majors and Tracks


At Bryn Athyn College, we offer carefully selected academic majors. Our majors are crafted to provide an excellent foundation for whatever field of study you are interested in.

Majors and Tracks: Anthropology (HSoc*), Biology, Business, Early Childhood Education, English, Fine Arts (ID**), History (HSoc*)Human Society, Mathematics (ID**), NursingPhilosophy (ID**)Political Science (HSoc*), Pre-Law, Pre-Med, Psychology, Religion, and Sociology (HSoc*).

* The Human Society Major (HSoc) uses a multidisciplinary approach with anthropology, history, political science, and sociology studies included.
** The Interdisciplinary (ID) Majors allow students to complement their study with another chosen field.

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Majors and Tracks

Anthropology (Human Society*)

Anthropology’s holistic rendering of the human story takes on as its project a description of the vast array of social, cultural, and biological variations within the human species. Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Provides a solid background in basic biological principles while offering a variety of experiences for students interested in ecology, zoology, molecular biology, medicine, and environmental science. Bachelor of Arts (BA) Bachelor of Science (BS)


Exposes students to critical areas in business management, including accounting, finance, business law, marketing, and human resource management. Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Focuses on holistic early childhood education, with courses in practical and theoretical aspects of education supported by a thorough field experience program. Bachelor of Science (BS)


Emphasizes strong verbal and written communication skills, clarity of thought and expression, and critical analysis through the study of both classic and contemporary literature. Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Fine Arts (Interdisciplinary**)

Presents an unparalleled opportunity delve into studio arts and art history through study of the collections in Glencairn Museum and Bryn Athyn Cathedral, while combining this experience with another field of study. Bachelor of Arts (BA)

History (Human Society*)

The discipline of history examines past human societies and their approaches to vital questions and challenges by exploring the complex web of causes and effects through time. Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Human Society

The Human Society major uses a multidisciplinary approach—anthropology, history, political science, and sociology studies included—to examine people and institutions in the context of societies in order to evaluate individual and collective choices. Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Mathematics (Interdisciplinary**)

Develops rigorous mathematical thinking in analysis, proof writing, and algorithm design, with applications in another field of the student’s choice. Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Jefferson School of Nursing and Bryn Athyn College have teamed up to bring two opportunities to nursing students: the Dual Admission 2 + 2 Nursing Program and the Nursing Track 2 + 2 Transfer Program. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)


The philosophy ID major provides students an opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills and ethical literacy while reflecting on and discussing the fundamental questions of life and values. Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Political Science (Human Society*)

The discipline of political science has at its heart the question of how best to organize the governance of human societies, in order to assure that citizens may reach their full potentials. Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Pre-Law at Bryn Athyn College is an active advisory program that provides individual counseling to students interested in attending law school after graduation. It helps students identify resources, investigate possible career paths, and navigate the law school application process. Combined with (BA) or (BS)


Pre-Med at Bryn Athyn College is an active advisory program that provides individual counseling to students interested in attending medical school after graduation. It helps students identify resources, investigate possible career paths, prepare for the MCATs, and navigate the medical school application process. Combined with (BA) or (BS)


Combines scientific study with spiritual perspectives in a program that includes applied psychology, clinical psychology, and research methods. Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Focuses on study of the Bible, the theological works of Emanuel Swedenborg, and the broader context of the history of religion and religious practices across the world today. Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Sociology (Human Society*)

Sociology examines groups, social process, and social relationships in order to discover the social patterns that are the foundation of human society. Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Advanced (Interdisciplinary**)

Presents a unique opportunity for high achieving students to develop their thoughts on the interconnections between their two chosen areas of study. Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Our bachelor in arts (BA) and bachelor in science (BS) degrees are four-year liberal arts degrees. Students earning a Bryn Athyn College liberal arts BA or BS must fulfill Core Program requirements, college residency requirements (see the Student Handbook), and the individual major requirements. As a Bryn Athyn College student, you will be expected to declare a major before the end of your second year of study.