Early Childhood Education


Early Childhood Education spans ages birth through age nine and grade levels pre-kindergarten through grade four. At Bryn Athyn College, we’ll give you the theoretical background and practical preparation to be a successful teacher in a public, private, or New Church school. You’ll observe in a variety of school settings, including the Bryn Athyn Church School, located just down the road. The Bryn Athyn College education program meets state certification requirements and offers additional tools for teaching in a New Church classroom. Upon successful completion of the Pennsylvania Educator Certification Test (PECT), graduates are eligible for Pennsylvania certification in early childhood education, Pre-K through fourth grade.

Program Strengths

  • Over 300 hours of experience in early childhood classrooms
  • Exposure to a variety of school settings
  • Emphasis on integrating art into early childhood curricula
  • Practice in the art of storytelling
  • Emphasis on the importance of outdoor play for young children
  • New Church perspectives on child development

Hands-on Learning

There’s nothing better than first-hand experience when it comes to learning how to be a teacher. In the third year of the program, students spend two days a week in an early childhood classroom, working with children under the guidance of experienced teachers. In their fourth year, students do a 12-week practicum under the supervision of Holy Family University.

Spiritual Principles

Whether you intend to teach at a New Church, other private, or public school, the Education major at Bryn Athyn College will give you a unique opportunity to study educational theories and practices within the context of spiritual principles. We use the Old and New Testaments and the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg as a guide to the spiritual aspects of our program. Educating children includes nurturing their spirits as well as giving them the tools they will need to be successful in their everyday lives. We believe that teachers have the potential, in any setting, to be a powerful force for good in the lives of their students. They do this by modeling a spiritually focused life of service.

Admission to the Early Childhood Education Major

Admission to the Early Childhood Education major is dependent upon a 2.8 GPA. Students must also take the Pre-service Academic Performance Assessment (PAPA) which is a test required by the state of Pennsylvania to assess reading, mathematics, and writing skills. Provisional admission may be granted until such time as the student’s GPA is 2.8 and/or the PAPA has been successfully completed.