English Major


Majoring in English at Bryn Athyn College is about exploring the beauty and power of thought and language through written texts. As an English major, you will read, analyze, and write about a wide variety of literature—from the ancient to the contemporary, from various cultures and nations, and in a multiplicity of genres and forms.

Program Strengths

Our English courses range from Classical, mythological, medieval, Renaissance, Shakespearean, and contemporary literature courses to courses devoted to the craft and analysis of creative writing, poetry, and film. More specialized courses focus on Victorian literature, the poetry of devotion, the modern novel, children’s literature, the writing of Henry James, and so much more.

Our program emphasizes the importance of writing, clarity of thought and expression, and sharp analysis and synthesis of ideas. Our faculty specialize in writing, literature, and rhetoric.

English Majors can select between two tracks:

  • Language and literature
  • Writing

Hands-On Learning

At Bryn Athyn, hands-on learning is built into the English major. You can choose to undertake an off-campus internship working for a publishing house, dedicate your free evenings to help staff the Writing Center, write scripts for tours at Glencairn Museum, work at the Swedenborg Library, or become a writer or editor for BAC’s Pythia journal.

Some of our experiential education opportunities are well-established and clearly structured, while others are tailored more specifically to meet individual interests. And if there’s not an existing internship to suit your needs, you can design your own!


  • The Development Office for Bryn Athyn College offers internships in print and web-based publishing, media management, and marketing.
  • The General Church Office of Outreach provides students with opportunities to explore the various avenues of printed media.
  • Education Interns at Glencairn Museum learn and conduct museum tours, create and script tours, and assist with press releases and museum publications.
  • Pythia, BAC’s online journal of arts, literature, and spirituality, provides opportunities for students interested in creative writing, editing, copy editing, design, marketing, and more.


For internship credit, English students have participating in many exciting projects, including:

  • Teaching English at an elementary school in Michigan
  • Teaching English as a second language to students and community members in Ghana
  • Working for a magazine in New York City
  • Serving as the founding editor of Pythia