Religion Major


The study of religion is central to academic life at Bryn Athyn College. Religion majors have the opportunity to pursue a program that is unique to our institution. Nowhere else can you earn an undergraduate degree covering New Church theology and its special perspective on the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, world religions, and the application of religion to life.

Program Strengths

Within the Bryn Athyn College religion major, you can select to focus on a number of areas:

  • Evangelization and Outreach
  • Church History
  • Sacred Languages
  • New Church Philosophy
  • Religious Education

Hands-On Learning

Religion majors at Bryn Athyn have a number of experiential education opportunities, including:

  • Working as a greeter at Bryn Athyn Cathedral
  • Teaching education at the local Bryn Athyn Church School
  • Leading tours about the history of religion at Glencairn Museum
  • Helping develop programs at the New Church Office of Outreach
  • Helping with education and outreach efforts at New Church societies in New Zealand, Ghana, and around the world

Spiritual Curriculum

As a religion major, you’ll study New Church doctrines in depth and complete a capstone project on a religious subject of your choosing. You’ll also benefit from the resources of the Swedenborg Library and the wealth of knowledge from the graduate programs of our Theological School.