Workshops at Bryn Athyn


The Workshops at Bryn Athyn present blacksmithing, stained glass, manuscript illumination, mosaic, stone carving, and glassblowing courses taught by nationally recognized master craftsmen. In addition to the hands-on workshops, participants will watch demonstrations, examine original medieval pieces, and explore National Historic Landmarks.

Classes are held in the heart of the Bryn Athyn Historic District. The idyllic setting and magnificent resources offer an unparalleled learning experience. Participants not only have access to Bryn Athyn’s landmarks—including Glencairn Museum, Cairnwood Estate, and Bryn Athyn Cathedral—but they can also study the preliminary drawings and models made by the original craftsmen, as well as the medieval works that inspired them. Register today!

Summer Workshops: July, 2015

Our workshops are designed as intensive five-day courses. Each course meets for six hours a day, with a lunch break. This summer, courses will be offered for three weeks in July:

  • July 6-10
  • July 13-17
  • July 20-24

Further detail of which disciplines will be offered which weeks, as well as instructor details will be published in late January. Until then, please view general course details below, and instructor bios here.

Course Datesglasspainting
Learn techniques from Glencairn Museum’s collection of over one-hundred stained glass panels from the Middle Ages. After studying the fluid brush strokes of actual twelfth-century windows, you will be inspired to create your own masterpiece.
Course Datesglasspainting
Before picking up your hammer and chisel, you will be able to examine the intricate stonework on the interior and exterior of Bryn Athyn Cathedral and Glencairn Museum. You will learn how to texture stone using different types of chisels. Then you may choose to copy an architectural detail from Bryn Athyn Cathedral or make an original piece.

Course Datesmetalforging
Gain inspiration from the metalwork found throughout the Bryn Athyn Historic District, from intricate keys, to monel metal screens, to handcrafted doors. Then try your hand at the ancient craft of blacksmithing. In this project-based course, you will learn the basics of forging from master craftsman Warren Holzman and then make one or two projects, ranging from simple furniture to ornamental work.
Course Datesmosaics
Mosaic Art is having a resurgence in the United States and glass in many forms is playing a major role in this new wave of artistic creativity. In this workshop we will look at several of these types of glass, focusing on the traditional Italian smalti and comparing it to the products from Mexico, China, and the United States. In addition we will have a sampling of other materials available including some marble and stone. Each participant will produce a small sampler using traditional techniques. Next you will design a larger piece, using these materials in your own style. We will cover design transfer and realize the final work of art using the direct method. There are a limited number of hammer and hardies available for you to try as well as a collection of glass nippers for you to experiment with. I hope that you will love this process and the beautiful materials as much as I do.

Registration & Cost

Registration and cost details will be published in January.