Admissions at Bryn Athyn


At Bryn Athyn, we take a holistic approach to reviewing admissions. We are looking for students who want strong academics based on spiritual principles. If you are interested in living in an environment based on shared values and mutual respect, if you want to participate in academic and spiritual inquiry, and if you are looking for professors who will support you individually and help you define and work toward your goals, consider Bryn Athyn College.

It’s About Deciding on a Direction

We operate on a rolling admissions policy, which means we accept applications year round. Whenever you submit your application, our admissions staff members will be on-hand to help you complete the process. And the sooner you submit an application, the sooner you’ll receive an admissions decision, so there’s no reason not to apply early.

We are a liberal arts college, which means we will challenge you to think independently, develop your ideas, and decide what you stand for. As a Bryn Athyn student, you’ll get all the benefits of our Core Program, which will give you a solid academic foundation and the skills you need for your future career. You will study directly under our talented faculty members, and you’ll have ample opportunities for international study, internships, hands-on research, and in-depth examination of your academic subjects. If you provide the drive and hard work, a Bryn Athyn education will equip you for graduate school, your career, and life.

It’s About Feeling a Sense of Belonging

At Bryn Athyn, we believe a college education is at its best when it opens minds, sharpens skills, and cultivates in each person a desire to live a meaningful, useful life. If that sounds like the kind of place you would like to study, we warmly invite you to come for a visit.

There’s no way to describe the friendliness on campus, you have to experience it for yourself. Come meet our students and professors, and you’ll see what we mean.

Virtual Tour

Before you come to visit in person, consider taking an online tour. Let our student tour guide tell you about our buildings and what life is like on our campus. View photos, videos, and 360 degree views of campus right from your computer. | Launch the Virtual Tour > > YouVisitLogo