The following scholarships are awarded to qualified applicants upon review of the student’s application for admission. Each student is unique, therefore each student is individually reviewed for merit scholarships. The guidelines below provide general parameters for merit scholarship consideration. Each student is eligible for only one merit scholarship. A student eligible for tuition remission employee benefits who also qualifies for a merit scholarship will receive an adjusted amount of his/her merit award.

Merit Scholarships
Name Amount % of Tuition&Fees Criteria
Presidential $10,000 53% 3.7 GPA and 1160 SAT or 26 ACT
Founders $9,000 48% 3.5 GPA and 1090 SAT or 24 ACT
Deans $8,000 43% 3.0 GPA and 990 SAT or 21 ACT
Achievement Award $4,000 21% 3.0 GPA or 990 SAT or 21 ACT

Note: SAT scores are superscored. A superscore is obtained by combining the best critical reading or writing score with the best math score, even if they come from different test dates.

Scholarships can be applied to tuition only.

BAC Faith-Based Grants

  • New Church Grant

    $3,000. The New Church Grant is a yearly tuition discount for students who are baptized into or who have a parent who is a member of one of the three recognized New Church organizations. See website for more details.

  • Faith Education Grant:

    $2,100 per year award, available to students who are graduates of faith-based secondary schools. Students receiving other merit scholarships from Bryn Athyn College are not eligible for this grant.

Outside Scholarships

  • NobreNobre Computer Science/Math Scholarship
    The Nobre Computer Science/Math Scholarship is available to a Bryn Athyn College Junior or Senior in the Interdisciplinary Degree major (Math or Computer Science area).  Candidates are selected based on academic merit at the end of the Sophomore or Junior year.  The $2,000 annual award may be received for up to 2 consecutive years.  Funding for this scholarship is provided by Nobre Computer Services.
  • UPS Scholarship
    United Parcel Service Foundation Scholarships are provided through the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania (AICUP) to provide opportunities for disadvantaged students. The scholarship is worth up to $2,400 annually to a full-time student and is awarded based on academic merit.  Selection(s) are made in March.
  • Commonwealth Good Citizen Scholarship
    The Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania (AICUP) considers nominations from member institutions for the Good Citizen Scholarship.  The applicant must be a full time undergraduate student with an extraordinary commitment to community service and who has demonstrated creativity in shaping his/her volunteer activities.  Applications are submitted to AICUP in April.


Contact Brian Keister, Financial Aid Director, for more information.

There are many additional scholarship opportunities that students are encouraged to apply for. The sites below are very good resources for finding additional scholarships:

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