Alumni and Friends


At Bryn Athyn College, Alumni and Career Services work together to assist students and recent graduates in identifying, creating, and pursuing meaningful careers that will draw upon their talents, interests, and skills, as well as forward their moral and spiritual lives.

Get Connected

As a Bryn Athyn College alum, we hope you still feel connected to your alma mater. Our base of alumni and supporters is broad and varied, but you all share the common bond of having spent time here, studying to develop your civil, moral, and spiritual lives.

It’s About Supporting Bryn Athyn College

There are many ways to support Bryn Athyn College, and we value those who help us in ways both large and small.

  1. Join the Alumni Association

    The Alumni Association is an inclusive organization of alumni and friends who want to extend their relationship with Bryn Athyn College. Become an active member and help the College extend its reach beyond graduation. Find out more.

  2. Update Your Information

    Staying in touch with our alumni is incredibly important to us, but it can be difficult in these rapidly-changing times. Fill out the forms below to update your information and share your news.

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  3. Support Our Career Development Efforts

    Each year, another class of Bryn Athyn College graduates heads out into the world. In these challenging economic times, we are preparing our students for meaningful and useful careers. You can contribute to these efforts by volunteering a small amount of time to help our graduates prepare for the workforce.

    Please let us know what you can do to support our students—host an intern, volunteer to edit resumes, or simply sit down with a student to discuss your business and whether your field might be a good match for that student. We will put you on our list of potential volunteers to contact when the need arises.

  4. Make a Financial Contribution

    Behind all of our efforts here at Bryn Athyn College are the generous donors who support us financially. Every donation of every size makes a difference. In addition to seeking targeted amounts of money, we also strive for broad alumni participation, and are working to strengthen support in many dimensions. Your financial support to our efforts helps us educate students and fulfill our mission of enhancing their civil, moral, and spiritual lives. | Make a Gift Online