Reasons To Join

  1. Bryn Athyn College Pride

    Membership is one more way to show the pride you have in your alma mater, and represents your commitment to the values of Bryn Athyn College. Demonstrate your appreciation for the religious, educational and experiential programs we support at Bryn Athyn College by joining today.

  2. Support the College

    We work closely with the president and deans of the College to insure that we are on track to give them the help and support they need. Your annual dues help ensure that we can respond appropriately to these needs.

  3. Networking

    According to the U.S. Department of Labor, about 48% of jobs are found through referrals and networking. The Alumni Association can help connect alumni with each other and with students to find jobs, share career-related advice or just meet new people.

  4. Representation

    The Alumni Association is here to serve Bryn Athyn college on your behalf. Alumni Association leaders represent the alumni as a whole to communicate alumni concerns to the college administration.

  5. College Involvement

    Come to us for updates on alumni events, volunteer opportunities, and other college happenings.

  6. Increase the value of your degree

    Your membership dues and involvement help strengthen the college both in educational experience and reputation, increasing the value of a Bryn Athyn College Degree.