Business Club


New Business Club at Bryn Athyn College

Bryn Athyn College kicked off its new Business Club on Tuesday, March 12 with an inspiring talk from entrepreneur Andy Sullivan. The event was produced by freshmen Christian Buss, Ben Adams, and Tyler Hill.

The Business Club reflects the growing interest in practical applications of Bryn Athyn’s solid liberal arts education. When asked what the club is trying to accomplish, Hill said, “The way I see it, the business club will be a way for students to get their foot in the door, to get some skin in the game. It will help students gain a better understanding of what the business world is all about.”

According to Hill, the club is especially important because it will provide an opportunity for students to learn from some of Bryn Athyn’s successful entrepreneurs. He says, “Bryn Athyn is teeming with knowledgeable and business-savvy men and women, and the business club will provide a way to bridge the gap between us and them. We’ll get the chance to network with business leaders in a way that would not otherwise be afforded us.”

Buss is in agreement with Hill and adds that for him, “It’s all about the network. Bryn Athyn has so many influential people, it’s just a matter of getting set up with them. The business club will essentially bridge the gap between student and mentor — doing so will establish a relationship that can greatly benefit both people.”