Fall Service Trip


Nineteen BAC college students, from five different countries and two faculty members made their way to the Salvation Army summer camp in Waymart Pa, the northern Pocono mountains (Camp Ladore) November 17, for the fall BAC service trip. When the adventure began, this diverse group of college students had no idea what was in store for them, only that they volunteered to give up their fall break to serve others. By the end of the trip—whether painting, washing walls, wiping down furniture, learning Korean/German/Chinese words from each other, raking endless fields of leaves, waking up to bugles, performing in the talentless show or sharing their admiration for the Salvation Army staff and their peers at the evening vespers service—everyone had a great time.

Volunteering for the one of the Salvation Army’s biggest summer camps with such willingness was just one of the things that made Bryn Athyn College stand out amongst other groups of volunteers that have helped there. It was nice to hear that they were the best group of volunteers the Salvation Army has had recently. A point of Pride for them all.

They were given the opportunity to learn new job skills and see the process of how a camp is really run all year while the staff get ready for next summer’s group of eager youth from the tri state area. One of the most powerful things about the Salvation Army staff was the care that they put into their jobs, which really stood out to the students. The admiration for carefulness and detail sky rocketed after talking to the Salvation Army staff about what it takes each summer to host 200 students a week, for 10 weeks! It was amazing to see all the love and wisdom that was being poured into these details from so many different levels.

Working with the a variety of Salvation Army staff from warehouse to cooks, students gained a sense of community for their projects and helped to guide and provide the students with the knowledge they needed to get jobs done in a timely manner. Many back rubs and stiff muscles were brought home along with lasting memories. The BAC students on this trip formed new friendships based on laugher and respect, and found working as a team was a rewarding experience for everyone.

Submitted by Laura Nash, Director of Educational Experience