FeelGood and BAC Hockey Collaborate


The Bryn Athyn College chapter of FeelGood—a youth movement committed to ending world hunger—is teaming up with the BAC Hockey team. The Lions are excited to do whatever they can to support such a worthy cause. To kick of the collaboration, FeelGood members—spearheaded by sophomore McKenna Acton—coordinated a photo shoot of the Lions sporting their hockey gear and some FeelGood swag. FeelGood BAC is so thankful for the support and kindness that the team has shown them and is looking forward to improving the world through teamwork!

FeelGood is committed to raising money and awareness to end world hunger in our lifetime. On over 25 college campuses across the U.S., FeelGood students run non-profit delis specializing in grilled cheese sandwiches. 100% of deli proceeds are invested in organizations sustainably eradicating global hunger.

Chloe Kund, president of the Bryn Athyn College Student Government, got involved with FeelGood during a leadership class in her Freshman year. Now in her Junior year, Chloe—and fellow cofounders Harriet Baayeh and Jenna Wyncoll—are in the process of making Bryn Athyn FeelGood an official chapter.

“I feel that it is our responsibility as a generation to take a stand against world hunger. 25,000 people die of hunger every day, and that is something we cannot ignore.”

Learn more about how you can help at www.feelgood.org, or check the BAC Lion’s schedule for times that you can help “end world hunger, one grilled cheese at a time”.