Student Clubs


At Bryn Athyn College, student organizations serve as a vital part of campus life. Our small size means that our volleyball players also take leads in our plays, and the editor of the student newspaper is also an active member of our community service club.Our tight-knit community means our students can pursue many different interests, regardless of prior experience. And our active student government and social committee empower students to start new clubs and organize social events.

Student Organizations with Purpose

At Bryn Athyn, student organizations are not just about having fun—they are about sharing commonalities, helping others, promoting healthy and mindful living, and strengthening the college community. This applies to such obvious organizations as CARE, our community service club, and also to organizations such as the Never B Flats, our women’s a cappella group, which hosts benefit concerts throughout the year.

Not all our student clubs are focused on helping others, but every one of our clubs works toward a greater good, looking beyond the needs and wants of the individual members and working to contribute to the broader community—on campus, locally, nationally, or by promoting international understanding.