The Bryn Athyn College Beacon is our student-run newspaper. The publication gives its contributors a flexible, intellectually open medium for sharing news, experiences, and ideas, ranging from thoughtful to absurd.

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A staff of student writers, photographers, artists, proofreaders and editors work together to produce two issues per term, including sections for news, opinion, fiction, sports, reviews, and humor. Within these sections, topics range from interviews with administrators to discussions of religion to personal experiences of freshman year or the most recent CARE event. The editors are happy to hear new ideas for articles as well.

Student and faculty readers can expect to be informed, enlightened and entertained by fellow members of the college community in each issue. The Beacon is distributed for free on campus, posted as a PDF on this page, and is available to off-campus subscribers for the cost of printing and postage upon request.

Past Issues:

April, 2012 Issue (PDF)
In this issue: Feel Good Projects (1), Survey Results (2), Music Festival (4), Thanks, Dr. Dan (4), Tennis (5) Childhood (7), The Holy Spirit Appreciated (10), Food for Reflection (12), Quote (12) Gauthali (13).

February, 2012 Issue (PDF)
In this issue: Active Minds (1), Alumni Association (2), Girl Trouble? (7), Heart of Gold (9), Quote (10) Edgar’s Adventure (12), Giraffes’ Necks (13), Artist (14), Untitled (15).

December, 2011 Issue (PDF)
In this issue: ISO’s Christmas Greetings (1), Enchanted April (3), Campus personality (4), Hockey (6), Christ’s Kingdom (7), Striving to be Christian (8), Quote (10), Resolution (11) Yahoo Answers (13), Word Search (14), Study Abroad (15).

November, 2011 Issue (PDF)
In this issue: memories of Rev. Mauro De Paduá (1), sports in pictures (3), coming soon: BACvice (7), choconuts (8), in the garden (11), LDAC: part 2–weapons (13), & music review: Nervo (16).