Residence Life


Each resident student is a member of our residence life community. Life in this community is based on trust and mutual respect between residents, resident assistants, and managers. Our goal is to provide each resident with a high quality living-learning environment and to meet his or her individual needs to the best of our ability while ensuring the health and welfare of the entire residence community.

Our residence staff seeks to meet the needs of a diverse group of residents. Students attending Bryn Athyn College cover a wide range of ages and are from countries all over the world. We hope each resident will embrace the opportunities and excitement that come from getting to know people from different backgrounds and cultures, yet who share common values.

Being a member of a community affords each resident a variety of opportunities and responsibilities. We hope the experience will be both exciting and challenging, while giving residents the opportunity to form long-lasting friendships.

Our campus has two large residence halls—Childs Hall is our men’s residence hall and Grant Hall is our women’s residence hall—that house mostly first-year students. Most second and third-year students live in one of our three Suites—Brock Hall, Gladish Hall, and King Hall—beautiful apartments with both single and double rooms. Seniors can select to live in one of our cozy cathedral-ceilinged Cottages—Alden Cottage, Gyllenhaal Cottage, Hyatt Cottage, and Woodard Cottage.

Fifteen percent of our students come from countries outside the United States, adding rich diversity to our community and expanding our global awareness. Our staff is committed to being available and supportive of your needs. Above all, our residence life is guided by policies that emphasize the importance of acting in ways that show respect and charity for others and promote safety and security for the entire community.