Religious Life


At Bryn Athyn College, we foster a healthy dialog about spirituality and the deepest aspects of humanity. This atmosphere of shared values and mutual respect can be seen in the affirmative, friendly attitudes of our students, faculty members, and staff.

Bryn Athyn College strives to create an environment in which students actively study religious teachings, grapple with spiritual questions, reflect and reason, and develop thinking on a spiritual level. The theology of the New Church fuels our campus environment—an academic atmosphere with a spiritual focus.

There are many opportunities to put your spirituality into practice at Bryn Athyn. We offer structured religious programs such as chapel services and bible study groups, and less formal venues for spiritual inquiry, such as our weekly religious discussion group held in College Grounds Café.


Sacred Space is a time period in which the Bryn Athyn College community turns its attention to God, focussing on worship, prayer, and matters of the spirit.

Some mornings we hold devotional worship in Pendleton Hall Chapel. Other days you’ll be invited to participate in lively spiritual discussions. Or you may opt to join a bible study, a praise choir, or a spiritual growth group. At least once a week, you’ll attend a chapel service. Chapel services bring the college community together, and are offered in both traditional and contemporary styles of worship. All our students attend either Wednesday or Friday Chapel, and are welcome to attend our other offerings as well. Sacred Space offerings may include:

  • Chapel
  • Spiritual growth groups
  • Bible study
  • Meditation
  • Devotional chapel services
  • Praise and testimony services

Our Active Minds and Peer Listening programs support healthy conversations about values and spirituality. If you’re looking for something that isn’t already offered, our Student Coordinator of Spiritual Life can help you develop new offerings, too.