Students Show Support


This Saturday, December 14 marks the one-year anniversary of the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary. Many are looking for ways to show support. The mayor of Sandy Hook, at the request of the families, has asked people to honor the lives lost by engaging in acts of community service. Our own students donated a gift to the Sandy Hook community–a gift they began working on last year.

Soon after the tragedy, Bryn Athyn College students in Kenneth Leap’s Glass Painting class began to create stained glass angel panels. Last weekend, these nine angels were donated to the Healing Newtown Project. The director who received the panels was visibly moved by the gift and by the craftsmanship and labor that went into them. The beautifully-wrought and inspiring panels stood out amongst the works donated.

The angels were intended as a final class assignment, but since additional time was required, students formed a club and continued to work collectively on the panels with Ken Leap after the class ended. It was a labor of love and outreach.

Students designed their panels to convey messages of hope, consolation, and peace.

Becca Uber, a senior, wanted to show the strong spiritual connection between angels in heaven and people on earth. “The woman is lifting her face up to the heavens, holding the jewel of hope in her hands,” explains Uber. “Behind the woman stands an angel, comforting her and listening to her silent cry for help….The tragedy of Newtown may seem like something we cannot overcome, but hopefully this window will serve as a reminder that angels always surround us, bringing feelings of peace and hope.”

Stephanie Imperial, a junior, wanted to convey tranquility and peace. “The angel’s wings are blue symbolizing heaven. The angel has a face of hope because this panel was made for people who have lost someone special. In a moment all hope can disappear, so I wanted my panel to emit peace to anyone who looks at it.”

Panels were designed by Calysha Butcher, Sydney Elder, Stephanie Imperial, Rebecca Jackson, Shine Jung, Ryan Picard, Dustin Synnestvedt, Becca Uber, Jin Yu, and Susan Bradley. Assistance was provided by Kara Cowley, Minghui Jiang, Ian Leap, and Callum McQueeen.