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The Mathematics Major

Use numbers and abstractions to understand the world around us, from order, to relations, to shapes, to change. Mathematics can perform many tasks, like determining the load a structure can endure before failing, scheduling resources to improve efficiency, or predicting the spread of a disease in an urban area. Students develop the ability to think critically and reason pragmatically, preparing you for integral roles in a variety of fields.

Mathematics is foundational to the operations of most modern companies. Breaking down problems into their component parts is a necessary step in solving any complex problem. Logical thinkers who can analyze data and utilize quantitative insights are among the most valued employees at their workplaces. Mathematics majors may find themselves working in finance, law, science, technology, business, or even education.

At Bryn Athyn, we teach all of our courses with a New Church perspective, with the values of spirituality, usefulness, and service in mind. This is echoed in the structure of many of our Mathematics classes, where professors work closely with each student to understand how they can use math meaningfully in their own lives. 

Major-specific skills that will prepare you for grad school:

  • Data Computation
  • Logical Argumentation
  • Statistical Analysis 

Transferable skills that will prepare you for a variety of careers:

  • Critical thinking
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Technological Proficiency

Mathematics at Bryn Athyn

Our program emphasizes practical application, formal logic, and interdisciplinary connections. You’ll never find yourself thinking “when am I ever going to use this?” Every Mathematics course at Bryn Athyn addresses pragmatic applications of the material. The ideal student is intellectually curious and enthusiastic, eager to look behind the scaffolding to figure out how things work.

You don’t need to be a Math prodigy to excel at Bryn Athyn. Our faculty believe in a growth mindset to learning Mathematics, viewing it as a skill to be attained, rather than an innate ability. Professors ensure that every student is able to put in the time to make math click. Many of our classes are structured so that students get one-on-one class time with professors to solve problems. Active class participation ensures that students emerge confident in their Mathematical abilities.

Our rigorous program prepares students both for graduate study and the workforce. Each student in the Mathematics program is required to complete a capstone project with a companion research paper. Students can choose to work on this capstone either during a course in analysis or during a course in a complementary field, such as chemistry, physics, data science, computer science, or business. The Mathematics Major can also be paired with any of the Interdisciplinary Major’s subjects to explore even more connections and applications.

Bryn Athyn offers many opportunities for hands-on learning. Off-campus, we’ve recently set up our students with internships working on predictive algorithms for stock market trading at Charles Ebert, and on-campus, students can receive internship credit for working in the IT department. You can even get involved in advanced research projects and present at high-level conferences like Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization at Georgia Tech.



Here's what graduates of Bryn Athyn's Mathematics program have done with their degrees:


  • Consulting
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Telecommunications
  • Business Development 

Graduate School:

  • University of New Mexico

Our Faculty

Maxwell Blair

Maxwell Blair
Assistant Professor of Math and Physics

Caira Bongers

Caira Bongers
Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Maret Genzlinger

Maret Genzlinger
Lecturer in Mathematics

Neil Simonetti

Neil Simonetti
Department Chair and Professor of Business, Computer Science, and Mathematics
Director of the Interdisciplinary Program

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