Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Announcing the Bryn Athyn College Three-year Bridge Strategic Plan 2022-2025.

This plan is designed to be a dynamic, living document that serves as a road map for advancing our mission.   The 2017-21 plan was extended through 2022 as the college emerged from Covid.  With the announcement that the current President, Brian Blair, would retire in 2023 the administration agreed that they would build a bridge plan that would be in place until a new President was appointed and could decide how they would move forward.

President Blair appointed the CAO, Dr. Jonathan Kline to lead the College through the process of developing this plan. Dr. Kline included all campus constituencies in the creation of this plan.  

The Bridge Plan was approved by the College Board Committee in January 2023 and the Board in February 2023.

A new Strategic Planning Committee was formed and is now meeting monthly to execute this plan.  

Bridge Strategic Plan