Bryn Athyn’s women’s soccer team earned the award for the most goals per game in the division during the 2022-2023 season. The Lions not only reached an average of 4.56 goals per game, they also won their second conference championship. This national award from the NCAA is especially impressive given Bryn Athyn is one of the smallest of the 400+ schools in Division III.

Coach O'Neill and Dean Nelson hold the plaquardCoach Bill O’Neill bursts with pride at the athlete’s hard work. “I’m immensely proud,” he beams. “Scoring a goal in soccer is one of the hardest things to do, and for us to get an award like this— and have it be something that’s nationally recognized—is pretty amazing.”

“It’s the effort of the team and the coach to get this done,” notes Director of Athletics Dean Suzanne Nelson. “It’s difficult to win a championship, let alone win a back-to-back championship. You go in with all the pressure to repeat that championship again. They rose to the occasion, and they handled it beautifully.”

The award plaquard is now on display in the College Center trophy case. The Bryn Athyn College community is proud of the team for this award and such a successful season. We cannot wait to see what next year brings.